Bearing Components

Bearing mainly consists of inner ring, outer ring, cage, rolling elements (balls or rollers) and seals. ZHENSHUO offers a variety of reliable bearing components to meet the requirements of bearing manufacturers.

Bearing Rings

Bearing ring, also known as bearing race, has inner ring and outer ring. The inner ring is commonly fitted on the shaft and rotated with the shaft, while the outer ring is generally to cooperate with the bearing seat or mechanical component to play a supporting role. However in some cases, the outer ring rotates and the inner ring stays fixed or both inner and outer rings rotate. Aiming at providing customers with high quality inner and outer rings of bearings, ZHENSHUO look closely at customers’ needs relating to all bearing pre-processing steps prior to bearing grinding, and work out one-stop bearing ring solutions that are precisely oriented to customers’ application needs.

Bearing Seals and Shields

A bearing seal, also called a grease seal, is a type of seal used to prevent the impurities such as dust and dirt from entering into the equipment while keep the bearings greased, thus improving bearing reliability and prolonging bearing lifespan. ZHENSHUO has solutions to cater all your bearing seal needs by offering a wide range of seal types and materials adapted to your individual demands, including magnetic rubber, fluoro rubber, silicon rubber, nitrile rubber, HNBR rubber, and other special rubber materials which can work in temperature from -60℃ to +300℃, and meet the application requirements of high wear resistance.

Rolling Elements

Rolling Elements (Rollers and Balls)

Rolling elements play a critical role in rolling bearings, allowing for relative motion between two surfaces. Rolling elements are placed between inner ring and outer ring, enabling the bearing to be rotated with minimal friction. The shape, quantity and size variations determine the dynamic loads that a bearing can support. Rolling elements are classified into steel balls and rollers. The steel balls are used in ball bearings, while the rollers can be further divided according to the shape of the roller into taper rollers, cylindrical rollers and spherical rollers.

Bearing Cages

Bearing Cages

Bearing cage is also called bearing retainer or separator. It is the bearing component that separates the rolling elements, and maintains the rolling elements at equal intervals to ensure smooth rolling movement between inner ring and outer ring. In addition, bearing cage helps to guide the motion of rolling elements, retain grease around the rolling elements and raceways, and prevent the rolling elements from falling out of bearings. The bearing cage can significantly minimize friction and associated heat generation from contact with rolling element surface, enabling the rolling elements to be evenly distributed and quietly rotated at a constant speed.